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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Study: Revelation warns against unjust political economy

Second morning bible study by Rev. Dr Barbara Rossing
Professor of New Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, USA

'Injustice against earth and against the poor cannot continue,' said Dr Rossing in her second Bible study on the book of Revelation. 'Oppressors' own actions will ultimately come back around upon them, in boomerang-like fashion - as expressed in Rev 16:6.' She emphasized that some of the terms in the Bible can be taken literally as well as symbolically.

Reflecting on Rev 17-18, Dr Rossing explained that Revelation envisions not primarily the destruction of the earth but the Roman imperial order of oppression and destruction. 'God promises to put on trial the imperial oppressors in a divine courtroom. In this class-action lawsuit of Revelation 18, Roman oppressors will be called to account for their unjust actions; they will be sentenced and receive what is their due.'

She related that Revelation presents us with a vision of two cities with contrasting political economies—the city of Babylon/Rome with toxic economy of injustice, and the city of the New Jerusalem with an economy of life.

'God's people must come out of Babylon in order to enter into the blessing of the New Jerusalem, in order to drink of its waters and share in its tree of life,' she concluded.

To read the bible study, please click here.


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