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Women in Church and Society (WICAS) Asian Regional Consultation
17-22 April 2006 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Profile: I can't be silent any more

Glenice Hartwich
Lutheran Church of Australia
Volunteer with Australian Refugee Association and with Habitat for Humanity

'The issue of water had never been addressed in my church,' says Glenice. 'As a country we are just beginning to understand the problem.'

She says that this consultation has spoken to her and challenged her. The active participation of women in the consultation in caring for creation has encouraged her a lot.
When she returns home, she will encourage her church and family to conserve water, and she has decided not to buy bottled water anymore.

'I am repenting for my lack of concern and for my wastage of water,' says Glenice. 'I can't be silent any more.'


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