Stirring the Waters

Women in Church and Society (WICAS) Asian Regional Consultation
17-22 April 2006 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Profile: A chance to shape the future

Raniame Ipatas
Gutnius Lutheran Church - Papua New Guinea,
Elder leader

'We don't have problems of scarcity of water.' Raniame comes from a rural place where the water is not polluted, but it is starting to become polluted.

'There is plenty of rain water for agriculture throughout the year,' says Raniame. 'The main challenge in my church is that the issue has not been addressed by the bishop and pastors.'

Dr Wai Man (Sarah) Yuen's paper, 'Stirring the Waters: What can Christians Learn from Feng–shui?', influenced her to preserve water as a part of creation. As a mother looks after her children, we have to take care of water.

'Sooner or later we are going to face the same problem of water in our place,' says Raniame. 'We have to be sensitive and careful about how we use water.'


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