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Women in Church and Society (WICAS) Asian Regional Consultation
17-22 April 2006 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Presentation: Who is my neighbor?

Morning presentation by Dr Yuen Wai Man

'Who is my neighbor?' (Luke 10:9). We often think of our fellow humans when we are confronted with this question. Dr Yuen Wai Man, Director of the Institute for Mission and Intercultural Studies at the Lutheran Theology Seminary, Hong Kong, challenged participants in the 'Stirring the Waters' Regional Consultation for Asia to think that their 'neighbors' are not limited to human beings; nature is also their neighbor.

In her paper she explained that the cultural practice of Chinese feng-shui could be adopted by Christians as a positive approach towards nature. In the absence of monotheistic concepts in Chinese thought and religions, the Chinese view of nature tends to be more holistic than Christianity, Dr Yuen said.

'By looking at how the environment affects one’s life, Chinese people are more ecologically sensitive in the sense that humans are tied to nature and conscious of the serenity that it brings.' Since feng-shui does not see nature as something to be dominated or controlled, it can help Christians to see that nature and humans are rooted in solidarity. 'As our poor sister is under mistreatment, our task of struggling with her and fight on the side of her is prominent.'

To read the presentation, please click here.


Blogger WICAS Cornelia said...

a very inspiring study in holistic approach-the West really oppositoned
herself to nature-we nead the more holistic eco centric approach understanding creation from the east
The thoughts of feng shui are very helpful in this..the elementss as our sisters and brothers..our neighbours

Cornelia Huebner,regionalcoordinator western europe,Netherlands

6:49 PM  

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